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Your “ideal self,” to me, is the version of you that is feeling balanced, healthy, and at your optimal well-being. It is the version of you that feels awake, alive, inspired, and vital. This version of you is connected to your highest self – the part of you that is connected to infinite universal intelligence.

When you are your ideal self, you live through the heart. You are confident, self-assured, and you vibrate in the frequency of faith and of love. You know that you can make anything you want happen. You feel, rightfully so, limitless, unstoppable, and like the universe is conspiring on your behalf.

I believe that becoming our ideal version begins with getting to know ourselves on the most intimate level – it is a practice of taking all the energy we’ve been extending OUTWARDS on other people, and bringing it back onto ourselves so that we may self-develop and begin to be magnetic to all that we desire.

It is a practice of thinking about who you want to be, and seeing who you truly are, comparing those two lists and seeing where you could step up more and talk the talk.

Today, I’m going to guide you through a step-by-step process in becoming this idealized version of yourself. I will start with very concrete, physical things we can be doing, and progressively get more esoteric and mystical.

Things you need to take inventory of:

  • What sort of consistent practices do you have in place to become and maintain your ideal self

These should encompass mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional health. All of these areas must be tended to. Remember that you won’t always have them 100% fulfilled, it is always going to be a balancing act – you just don’t want to get to a place where you have not fulfilled these aspects of yourself in so long that you have lost yourself completely

For me, these practices include self-development through reading, watching videos, listening to podcasts, taking workshops to better myself, and self-analysis. This also includes meditation and consistent exercise and movement, because that makes me feel the best. I am my happiest when I am in movement and at play, and so that is a consistent practice for me to maintain my ideal self and my baseline happiness.

o Another consistent practice for me is making sure I get plenty of sleep – I am my best self when I am well-rested. This might not resonate with everyone but it’s a priority to me, which leads me into the next self-analysis question in the process of becoming our best self.

  • What are your priorities and core values?

This is an important question: what are your priorities, in order from most to least important? For example, I found out sleep is actually really high on my list of priorities. I also discovered that for me, working and creating is more important than going out and socializing. For you, your priorities will be different. But KNOWING those priorities will make you a better version of yourself.

  • What do you value in people and in yourself?

Is it honesty, generosity, kindness? Is it a relationship with God? Or with your parents? It is important to get to know what you value, and what is the most important to you. Knowing your order of priorities allows you to take better care of yourself, too, maintaining that ideal self state.

  • What are your goals?

The human being is primed for evolution. We thrive when we have an aim, a goal, something to shoot at. It doesn’t have to be a big goal – or it can be huge! Whatever it is, it gives you momentum. It puts a fire in your heart and a light in your eyes. People who have a goal, a desire, the pursuit of that goal can bring genuine joy into their lives. When one goal is achieved, another one can be set.

Once you have your answers to these questions, I want you to truly create a list of your attributes – be nice to yourself please – and then right next to it, a list of your ideal self attributes. The things you want to be, the things you want to be doing, that you haven’t become or done yet. Don’t look at this as a negative thing, as if you are berating yourself for not having done these things yet – you are setting an intention with this, you are setting your sails towards the direction that you desire with this. Consider circling the “ideal you” side of the paper to let the subconscious mind know which version of you you are choosing.

This is a self-analysis that helps you to really understand yourself better – I recommend planning out an hour or two to sit down with a journal and really deep dive into these questions and come up with your answers.

And now we can get to the fun, esoteric part of it.

The most important thing that you need to implement energetically is faith and belief in your future, in your idealized self, rather than faith in the past.

This is the best way I can currently explain it: for a while, I was stuck in a cycle in which I would eat healthy for a long time, but I would KNOW that eventually I’m going to start eating badly again, because “that’s just my nature.”

I was putting my faith in the past. Putting my faith in the present is deciding that this is my who I am now – a person who always chooses what is best for her. It’s just like how I used to be in relationships with men who would cheat on me – on a subconscious level, I’d go into new relationships knowing how they would end up: I would be betrayed.

In order to manifest beautiful, loving, committed relationships, I had to have faith in my future, idealized self, who is deserving of loyalty and commitment. I had to take my faith away from my past, which was not the most ideal. It is not punishing ourselves for the past – not at all – it’s simply taking away our beautiful creative energy from that old paradigm and moving it to the new.

A powerful way to do this is to meditate and hold a vision of your idealized version, your ideal self, and know that every time that you meditate, you are energetically becoming that version of you.

I have a meditation for becoming our future self- I. will link that below for you.

Another way to tap into this idealized version of yourself is through affirmation. Choose affirmations that align with your ideal self, and repeat those often. Listen to them often. Write them down and review them first thing in the morning, and last thing at night. They are your keys, your codes, for directing your future into the timeline you desire.

You can also use various subconscious-mind reprogramming techniques such as subliminals and hypnotherapy to continuously reprogram yourself and re-align yourself with your ideal version.

Now I believe that the way that you continue to feel like your idealized version is by eliciting feelings of peace and calm in your life. My reasoning is this: when everything is in order, when you feel good about your health in all areas, your relationships, your living situation, your looks, your life in general, you will feel a sense of ease, fulfillment, and peace.

Now the way that we manifest is by tapping into the emotion of the future and bringing into the present. That is the secret to aligning with your future self.

So for me, meditating, taking long walks, baths, doing yoga, and generally doing anything that relaxes my nervous system, is a great way for me to manifest my ideal version and to continuously call her in. That is what Neville Goddard meant by the feeling is the secret – we must feel the way we would feel when we already have the things that we desire, now.

This is how we become our ideal self – continuous cultivation of ourselves, and faith in our future, belief in ourselves, rather than belief in the past.

I hope this was helpful, if it was, please let me know with a comment and a thumbs up – it really helps the channel, and I’d really like to know which part of this blog post most resonated with you.

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