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Amplify Your Manifesting Abilities Hypnosis

Amplify Your Manifesting Abilities Hypnosis


This Law of Attraction BOOSTER is meant to be listened before setting intentions and goals, and/or after. It will AMPLIFY and enhance your manifesting and attracting abilities to make you the most powerful creator you can be.


Using restorative hypnotherapy, we allow our consciousness to "step out of the way" and let the subconscious mind and the Universal Source Energy take over.


In this trance-formative space, all your desires unfold.


Listen for 21 days AT LEAST - the more you return to the hypnosis, the more powerful its effects will be. 

  • Information

    • Downloadable mp3 format
    • 25 minute session
    • Listen in a dark, warm room, with eyes closed
    • Can be done at any time of day
    • "Falling asleep" is perfectly fine - there is NO way to do this wrong, as long as you are as comfortable as you can be, it'll work 
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