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Change Your Story, Change Your Life Home Retreat

Change Your Story, Change Your Life Home Retreat


Wrap up 2022 and set your intentions and manifest for 2023 with this 6-hour at-home retreat!


What you can expect: 

- Meditation

- Journaling

- Reflection on the past year, closing out cycles from the past, letting go and moving forward

- Surprise guest lecture to set you up for the coming year!

- Movementflowecstatic dance

- Breathwork (sit this one out, our expecting angels and anyone with breathing difficulties!)

- Manifestation scripting

- Pinterest Vision Boarding

- Quantum Jumping Hypnotherapy & crystal soundbath to end our beautiful meeting

...and an overall beautiful experience connecting with me, your community, and YOURSELF. Close out an old chapter and prepare yourself in the best way possible energetically for the new year!


Time stamps, resources and music are included so you can jump around to where you want to be! 


Here's what people said about this ceremony:

"It has been a whole year of ceremonies/workshops with you. My first ceremony was in January and I have not missed a single one of them since then. They became an essential part in my life. They helped me getting through very dark times and helped me feeling relaxed, hopeful and happier. I discovered breathwork, hypnotherapy, sound bath, and a lot more. I also discovered things about myself that I did not know before. Now I am ready to start 2023 and to attend new ceremonies/workshops with you. Thank you so much for everything you are doing. You are a one of kind. I love you."


"I really wish I could put into words how deep this experience went for me. It was so magical and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it ! Thank you Leeor we love you !!"


"I have attended a few ceremonies with Leeor but this one was something different. It was 6 hours and I still could have gone on. I loved every part of it. I have attended other ceremonies before but no one does it like her. She is such a good host and guide during these ceremonies. It's always so much fun and so transformative. Especially the breath work sessions always make me feel reborn and aligned. I couldn't recommend her more! Leeor, thank you so much for blessings us with your gifts and energy!"


"I had a great moment of clarity and insight after the breath work. I had the sudden thought “I don’t want the darkness inside me anymore” and spirit loudly responded to me and said “You don’t have to”. It was so emotional and profound. I felt clear, open, ready to release and flow into a new chapter and year."


"I was so happy to join this first ceremony with Leeor. I follow Leeor since many years on Youtube and it was special to attend this ceremony with her. It lasted for 6 hours and let me tell you that I usually get bored very quickly but not here. The 6 hours flew by so quickly and even if it was 1:00 am in France when it ended I could have go on :) I loved all the activities we did with Leeor during the ceremony. They were all useful and important. The breathwork was a first time for me and it was intense. I let my deep feelings be. I also loved the dance. it makes your body express itself and teach you things about you that you forgot. Thanks Leeor : )"


"I look forward to these ceremonies and workshops because they have been changing my life. I attend them any time I am available (which i always have time on weekends so this has been great!) And they really do make a difference. Leeor you have touched my soul in a very deep and significant way. I feel we are like old friends, I am always sending you love and wishing the best for you ❤️

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