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Heal & Feel: The Ancient Healing Power of Sacred Words

Heal & Feel: The Ancient Healing Power of Sacred Words


Heal & Feel: The Ancient Healing Power of Sacred Words


In this live group healing workshop (video format), Leeor walks you through activating your healing hands, rejuvenating and refreshing yourself via the slowing down of your sympathetic nervous system and activation of your parasympathetic nervous system, and teaches a lesson about the incredible healing power of words.


Deep-dive into your wellness, into how you are feeling and how you are currently existing through self-reflection in the form of journal prompts.


Release & heal stagnant energy, trauma, betrayal, rejection, pain, any negative energy, thoughtform, pattern, etc. that no longer serves you through the incredible healing power of BREATHWORK. Learn this technique here and have it with you for the rest of your life!


Sub-topic: Changing your story


Length: 2 hours 30 mintues


BONUS high-quality recording of the hypnotherapy + soundbath for you to listen to every night as you go to sleep to reprogram your mind for better health and a happier life!


+ BONUS event music playlist


Upon purchase, you will receive a zip file that contains text files with all your links for viewing & downloading the workshop and hypnotherapy session. 


Note: This is a previously recorded live workshop. There is some interaction with the chat, which should only be of benefit to the viewer. The energy accessed through the group healing transcends the limitations of time & space - you will receive all the healing as if you attended live.



  • What's Included

    • Heart-opening and healing-hands activating meditation
    • Acupressure using your activated, healing hands
    • Lesson on the Ancient Healing Power of Sacred Words
    • Deep-diving journaling session
    • Powerful cleansing Breathwork
    • Restorative, rejuvenating and healing hypnotherapy
    • Chakra-cleansing crystal bowl soundbath
  • Testimonials

    I loved everything about this workshop! It truly felt like a sacred space with beautiful healing energy. I learned so much, and released so much. The meditations and hypnotherapy were amazing and so powerful, and the breathwork was incredible and so healing. I also loved the lesson part so much, could not stop talking to my mom and partner about what I learned, and I invited my best friend to the next workshop! I did not want it to end, I could stay in that sacred space forever! Thank you from all my heart.” – Sarah


    These workshops have come in divine timing not only for me but for the collective! The amazing combo of journaling/breathwork/hypnosis is just what I needed. I had been feeling so overwhelmed lately and getting to let of of all that along with such a loving community has been the ultimate self-care and I can't wait for the next one!” – Valentina


    I always come out of Leeor’s workshops feeling lighter, happier, more enlightened and more connected to my highest self and to others. I love taking time to take care of myself and spend time with a community I love. Thank you Leeor!” – Erin


    My experience was absolutely incredible. I felt the best I had in a LONG TIME. I released so much. The day after the workshop I felt like a new woman! I felt totally readjusted in the best possible way!!” - Ryland

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