Let Go of Subconscious Blocks Sleep Hypnosis

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An ultra-powerful sleep hypnosis session by Leeor Alexandra to release limiting beliefs, subconscious resistances and blockages so that you can clear the old neural pathways of your subconscious mind and start to manifest from your NEW MIND.

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    We create our reality primarily from the subconscious, meaning most of our manifestations come from a part of us that we can only easily access through intentional methods such as meditation and hypnosis. 


    This suggestive hypnosis assists the listener, in their sleep, to release anything that no longer serves and make room for the new. It is set against musical acupuncture at 50 bpm, assiting in the healing and releasing of the energetic and physical body. 


    Listen to this hypnosis as many times as you like - at first, it should be listened to every night for 21 days. Then, if you find yourself in a rut, return to it for as many nights as you need.


    Your purchase gives you lifetime access. On the thank-you page, you will receive your download link. You will also get an email with the downloadable file. 


    Your only job is to relax, let go, and enjoy the process!


    Note: This is one of two hypnosis sessions offered in Leeor's newest, most-elevated spirituality and self-development course - The School of Prosperity. If you would like to check out the whole program, see The School of Prosperity here

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