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Personalized Affirmation Track

Personalized Affirmation Track


You asked and here it is! 


All affirmation tracks will be personalized to you & your manifestation goals, using hypnotic language that transcends the conscious mind and deeply embed into the subconscious. 


I am a trained hypnotherapist, so speaking to your subconscious mind is my forté! 


Your affirmation track will be created with all my love. 


The process of coming up with the affirmations just for you based on your current goals, recording, editing, and sending them over will take about 3 weeks from the time you fill out the form (which you will receive upon purchase). I'll try to get them earlier than that for you, but give me at least that long please :) 


You will receive three mp3 downloadable files - one with an intro, and one without, for your preference. You will also receive one copy without background music. 


Upon purchasing, you will be sent a Google Form with questions for details for your affirmations. Please make sure you purchase using the email I can contact you on. 

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