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2020: The Year of Learning

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

I have found that there is one cogent and compelling way of becoming increasingly aware…

Expanding our consciousness…

Continuing the awakening process…

And maintaining humility…

And that is to fervently study the human experience and to remain a humble student throughout our lives.

The quote, “Once you stop learning, you start dying,” is attributed to Albert Einstein.

Learning keeps the mind young.

Personally, I equate curiosity to the divine nectar of eternal youth.

Once we stop being curious about life, as children naturally are, we lose our childlike vigor, too!

Remaining a student creates for us a more peaceful environment in our daily lives, because we can see each person we encounter, each event, situation, challenge and accomplishment as lessons and teachers.

So as we get older, we have to keep bringing ourselves back to our curious inner child. We have to let that child play and explore.

When something draws your attention and makes your heart beat a little faster…

When your curiosity is piqued…


Those are little feelings and signals from your Higher Self which say, “This is the Path! This is what I have set out for us! FOLLOW THAT BLISS!”

And so a while ago, I privately committed to make 2020 my year of learning.

And now, I want to commit to it publicly, in the hopes that my fellow students might join me!

I have made an incredible career out of experiencing life, learning to navigate it better, and guiding others to do the same…

So while I embody the role of “guide” and “teacher,” I chosoe to remain a student and believe that I MUST continue to learn, to grow, to expand, so that I could share as much as possible and assist in the expansion of consciousness our reality is currently experiencing!

For me, remaining a student means the following:

- Balancing out my relationship with my ego, not letting any accomplishment “get to my head”

- See every single person, event, and situation as a teacher and venerate them as such

- Connect with the divine guidance and non-physical teachers that exist in higher realms – they are so ready to teach us!

- Read more and expand into varied topics. Read fiction, too!

- Keep the creative juices flowing by trying out different creative activities that have nothing to do with gaining or attaining anything…creating for the sake of creation!

- Learn from people who are masters at what they do.

This year, I’m doing a lot of new things!

I’ve been learning hypnosis and hope to eventually become a certified hypnotherapist, because I know how much it could enhance the guided meditations and affirmations I make for YouTube and my courses (BTW, the new course has TWO hypnosis tracks and they are SO COOL. I actually hypnotized myself while recording them, lolol).

I’m starting astrology lessons in March, also. Everything I know currently is from reading about astrology, and I’d like to really master it!

Other things I’m working on learning in 2020: how to invest, how to publish a book, how to perform a tea ceremony, and how to host transformational retreats.

I'm also working on learning who I am - discovering myself on a deeper level, really knowing the ins and outs of how I am, why I am, where I am, who I am, all that good existential stuff ;)

Learning will improve ALL areas of our lives – being a student makes us more well-rounded. A student of the universe has an enhanced appreciation for life and sparkles and shines because they are fueled by passion!

What are you planning on LEARNING this year?

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