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Manifest & Heal While Laying Down

We're doing Savasana wrong...Let's tap into all the benefits!

While this post is about the yoga pose “savasana,” it will be beneficial to everyone – even if you’ve never taken a yoga class and never plan on it! (even though I highly recommend you do!!) For those who have tried yoga, or are seasoned yoga vets – you might be like me. My FAVORITE pose is Savasana – the final relaxation pose after a yoga flow. Savasana is now my favorite pose for two more reasons – it is the perfect time to manifest, and the ideal time to heal the body. Let me explain. In Savasana, the yogi gets to simply lay down on her mat, sprawled out, and to enjoy all the endorphins surging through her brain after a great mind-body practice.

This is the ideal situation to access our hardwired capability of relaxation and healing - we are literally wired with the nerve circuity that can effortlessly and automatically calm the mind and body, healing anxiety, depression, and hosts of physical disorders and diseases. Unfortunately, however, we are simply not making the most of the Savasana asana in the standard yoga class or practice. Savasana is a practice on its own – it’s the act of gradually and slowly relaxing the entire body, one muscle at a time. In Savasana, the body AND mind are meant to slow down. We slow down our thoughts, slow down our heart rate, and enter this exquisite place of relaxation. We enter a world that’s not quite here, and not quite there. In this pose, our minds can enter the alpha brain state, and then slowly slip into theta – the place of healing and creation. However, in modern yoga classes, we’re lucky if we even get to lie down for 2 minutes in Savasana – we are simply not giving enough time to reap the benefits of the theta brainwave and to plant seeds of desire. The truth is, if we REALLY want to get the most out of this pose – we need to SLOWLY relax back into our body, not just go from FLOW FLOW FLOW to RELAX in 0 to 100! Taking a 10-minute Savasana…or better yet, a 20-minute one, can significantly improve our health.

In this day of constant nervous system overload and overstimulation, we must combat everything that is harming our health with radical RELAXATION. When our bodies slow down and we enter deep relaxation, we give our subconscious mind the space and room to take over and start to fix things up. Ensuring we give Savasana enough time assists us in relearning and remembering how to quiet the mind and relax deeply - just like in meditation, but with even more emphasis on relaxing.

With that space and time, the largest part of us is able to let go of things that have been hurting us, bothering us, and making us sick. Minute by minute, our soul feels lighter and lighter. We release density, just by laying there in this state. This is also the optimal time for creation. Either before or after entering this theta state of relaxation, simply giving gratitude for something you love or desire in your life is enough to manifest it into physicality. In my own practice, I set an intention before starting the class, and then repeat it just before entering Savasana. That relaxation is ACTUALLY getting out of the way and letting the Universe work its magic. It is getting out ouf our own way. It might be beneficial to ask the local yoga studio you attend to offer longer Savasanas – they’ll be practicing karma yoga by giving people the time and space to self-heal. Perhaps they can offer it in at least one class a day! Or, if you do your practice at home, simply make the time to have a long Savasana. And if you aren’t into yoga – you can still enjoy Savasana, after a work out or really any time of day! Simply lie down comfortably – on the floor, not on your bed! Set an intention and give gratitude for something you already have, and then something you are going to have (your manifestation). Close your eyes, maybe cover yourself with a blanket, and start to focus on your breath. You may fall asleep – that’s okay. This is a healing type of “sleep.” Let your subconscious mind have the time and space to heal you and to help you to create the things you want to see in physicality. I know that in our dominant world view, we can’t fathom the idea that simply slowing down and laying down could do so much for us. There’s a reason why that’s the case – it can’t be patented, it can’t be sold, and it’s available to everyone. Reclaim your health and your creative powers and try Savasana out this week! :)  I hope you enjoyed today’s topic, I’m learning a lot lately about relaxation, healing, and shamanic journeying, and I want to share all of that with you. Let me know by commenting if you’d like more of these!! So much love for you!!! - Leeor Alexandra

PS - If you want to go deeper into your relaxation, I recently published a genuine Hypnosis for releasing limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks WHILE YOU RELAX and heal.

​​This is part of the School of Prosperity program, but you can get it on its own here: Let Go of Subconscious Blocks Sleep Hypnosis

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