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Coronavirus: The Bigger Picture

What are we not seeing?

I’ve been asked repeatedly about my thought about the coronavirus – to make videos about it and to post about it on Instagram.

I feel like I can most eloquently express my sentiments about what’s happening through writing, as there are about _ points I want to make regarding our current reality.

I’ll try to keep it as concise as possible – please let me know on Instagram and YouTube (I see all comments) what you think of all of this…and just know, this is my opinion, from my intuitive reading and from my understanding of the way the world works.

Take what you want, leave what you don’t like, and just know – everything is okay in the end.

#1 Media Freakout:

Let’s let out “Conspiracy Leeor” for a moment: I’d like to start by discussing the media freak out surrounding the corona virus. It is being covered 24/7 on every news channel and outlet. There are many reasons for that!

The hidden agenda for the world media is to sway public opinion – and therefore mass energies. By controlling the energies (and the minds) of the people, the very few “in charge” can control the way reality is actually created.

Remember, we are all co-creators of our reality, and when our minds and energies are being manipulated by the news, the people who own the media are then in control of the most powerful creative force in the universe: our consciousness.

Yet the important thing to remember is that without OUR MIND POWER, without US, they would have no control. We must choose whether to give it or to retain it.

To me, the coronavirus epidemic is most loudly pointing at the fact of the power of the masses to create our reality. The fear is feeding the epidemic energetically, giving it exactly what it needs to grow.

Why do the people in charge of the world want to feed the fear and despair? Why do they want this epidemic to grow? We can make many assumptions – population control, distracting us from bigger things that are happening behind the scenes, even a biological weapon gone wrong…it doesn’t really matter what the actual reason is.

What matters is how to not fall into their trap: Do not feed the fear. If the news is scaring you, that means the subliminal message is “Be scared. Let us use your mind power for our benefit...

It doesn’t actually mean there is anything to be afraid of – just that someone will be profiting from your fear.

You have the power – stop consuming endless fear-mongering content. Stop feeding the fear. It’s okay to want to be informed – stay informed about what to do for sure! Wash your hands. Retreat (which we will talk about momentarily).

Don’t feed into the panic just for the entertainment value of it all. Humans tend to go where the drama is – we love conflict, we love panic, we have a craving for it. Become metahuman by transcending this ego-centric desire!

“Let everything happen to you: Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final.” – Rilke

#2 Fear-Based Frequency

So, if like many people, you have found yourself in this fear-based frequency, you might have even found yourself feeling unwell, anxious, or even physically ill. The thing about the fear frequency is it invites in more things to be fearful about. When we play along with this game, we are leaving ourselves open to insidious events happening in our life. We enter a cycle of negativity that becomes increasingly difficult to break as we become more and more fearful.

Being afraid of something and living in that fear allows it to have control and power over you…it doesn’t make you better prepared. It doesn’t make you immune. Living in fear, if anything, makes you more suspectable to the exact thing you are afraid of. It is important that we decide to exit this frequency and raise our vibration so that we don’t get sucked into the pendulum.

#3 Loving Kindness

So what is there to do other than fear? Well, as co-creators of this reality, we must choose what we want to invite in. If we choose not to get sucked into the coronavirus pendulum, we must be able to grab onto something else to pull ourselves out of this mass panic.

That “something else” has got to be love. If we focus on love, we exit the fear mentality and vibration and raise our frequency to that of love and gratitude. In those states, we are not only helping ourselves stay healthy and virus-free, we are also helping feed the world with more of what it needs right now: love and gratitude.

When the media is blasting fear 24/7, it is so easy to only focus on the negative…and therefore attract more of it into our reality. We have to steer our attention back to the good. Every time we bring ourselves away from the dark and towards the light, we get closer to shifting to the optimal timeline in which we and the people we love are safe.

How to do this practically? Wake up in the morning and write out a list of 10 things you are grateful for in your life, AND ABOUT THIS WORLD.

For example, write about how grateful you are that we are so free, that the world is so beautiful, that more and more people are waking up to their true nature…Shift your attention to what is going on in the world. That is why I like to say “Tell me something good!” in manifestation Monday – so that we can bring ourselves back to what’s good in life and cultivate more of it.

Another amazing practical way to make changes during this time is to practice loving kindness meditation.

After making your gratitude list, sit in stillness and silence. Think about things that make you feel love and happiness…and then see yourself sending that energy out into the world. Think of the places the virus is affecting right now and see yourself showering those places with love and gratitude. Your energy is so powerful and it WILL affect those places…the more of us do this loving kindness meditation and send love to the world, the better.

Truly, other than doing that and washing our hands – there’s not much that we can physically do to help…But energy is so much more powerful than we have been taught to believe.

#4 Economic, Health, and Astrological Standpoint

On January 12th, Saturn and Pluto became conjunct in Capricorn – a sign that rules governments and the economy. These two planets traveled closely together from December 2019 to February 2020, and true to this astrological event, thanks to the coronavirus the stock market has collapsed in a “black swan” event.

According to the astrologer I’ve been working with, we’re going to keep experiencing socioeconomic effects from this until April, and of course the aftereffects of the virus will play out for a few more months at least…but these things happen. Astrology shows us that huge events happen, shake things up, and then keep on moving. And we keep on existing, despite the mania.

Knowing that this is the case, we get to see something really big happen in our lifetimes – the world-changing drastically thanks to a single event. Things can’t ever be the same after this – we are learning that we are far more connected and dependent on one another than we originally thought.

During this time, there is no “our problem vs. their problem” – we see that it’s ALL of our problem. Certain things happen to humanity that have to draw us closer, not further apart. It’s not China’s problem. It’s not Italy’s problem. It is a human problem, and we have to realize how much we need to bring the focus back onto the human, not the economy…

Because without healthy people, there will be no economic growth.

The health of the people should have always came first. Making money should never be prioritized over the well-being of humanity.

This would HOPEFULLY be the lesson we take away from this…if we all come to accept it as a part of the human experience, and something we must learn and grow from, not just a freak accident. It’s written in the stars.

#5 Forced Retreats

One thing I learned from my last week retreating into Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is the power of withdrawing from the world and going inside.

If there is one thing that is unanimous about what we are going to experience from the coronavirus as Earthlings, it is a sort of “forced retreat.”

To contain the virus, we are being asked to stay home as much as possible. I don’t actually think this is meant as a secret way to separate us – even though having us fear each other WOULD fit the ultimate plan – I do think this is a way of trying to fix something that got out of hand.

As we abide by this recommendation, we are forced to stop consuming, to stay in, to be with our immediate families (or alone)…and basically, are given time to withdraw from ordinary reality.

For the empath, this should be a dream. For the modern shaman and healer, this is a fantasy.

Yet we don’t see it for the positives – we see, again, the terror. What, I can’t leave my house? I can’t go to the grocery store? To get my nails done? To go to work? I can’t go see my friends?

Perhaps the benevolent forces of the universe desire for us to SLOW DOWN. To go inwards. To heal humanity, starting with ourselves.

Modern society is set up so that we don’t have much time to focus on our health and inner well-being. We don’t have time to just stop and do nothing. This is it. This is the human experience, slowing itself down. Stop with the hustling. Stop with the living in the future. Be here now. Heal here now.

What are some things you can do if you are being forced to retreat?

How about…absolutely nothing?

How about just cooking your own meals, being really present, making the moment sacred…

Eating in silence, without socializing or even consuming a video or movie while you nourish your body…

How about just sleeping? Sleeping as much as you can, if you are able to.

How about some meditation, some light yoga, some praying?

Do what you would do if you were to have booked a ticket to a retreat in Guatemala like I did. Take the time to do nothing and to just be.

Come to the realization that you are perfect as you are. That, despite what society would like you to think, there is nothing you need to do, to become, or to attain.

You are a perfectly good human being as you are. And just for existing the way that you are, you deserve to live, to rest, to thrive.

We are being forced to slow down, and even though it is tragic that human life is being lost through the process – the earth is responding favorably. Smog in China has decreased drastically. Wall Street is beginning to remember that its number 1 power is the health of the people. The human being is making its way back to being an important part of life, not just a commodity.

#6 Shifting Timelines

Whatever way we look at it, we are experiencing, in our lifetimes, a changing of the guard. A transformation of how we will live, from now on, because we cannot live the way we have in the past.

This virus is forcing drastic changes and even spontaneous awakenings around the world. It might be a push from the Universe that we needed to finally start waking up to reality. Let’s honor this change and bring it in with hope and faith – rather than fear and distrust…Which leads me to my last point.

#7 The Bigger Picture

This one will be hard to understand for anyone who has not experienced a “non-abiding awakening,” but I ask you to allow this possibility into your mind, and take it if you feel like you can trust it, and leave it if you don’t feel like you want to.

Through my “non-abiding awakenings” (meaning split seconds of seeing beyond the veil, seeing what enlightenment looks like, what the truth of reality is… “non-abiding” because it didn’t stay with me. It changed me forever, but I am still in the journey of awakening, and definitely not enlightened.) I saw the bigger picture. I saw the scoped out, full plan. I saw the divinity of it all.

And I know, because of this Knowing and this Seeing, that everything is going according to plan.

No one on this planet ever really leaves us. We come here, birthed from magnificence into a different type of perfection, and we leave and return to that love and magnificence. Though death on this planet is seen as a catastrophe, in truth, it’s simply not the end.

This planet is only one little part of our entire, incredible, awe-striking existence. There is so much more.

So yes, we experience death and loss in this reality. On a human level, it’s heartbreaking. On a divine level, it’s beautiful, and the Creator looks down on us with so much love, so much unconditional love and understanding and care, and the Creator loves us SO deeply, and knows that one day, we will understand. The Creator knows that it hurts while we are in the cloud of Unknowing, but that it will all make sense…

And that, since time isn’t linear, deep down, we really understand already.

A part of our soul knows exactly where it comes from, and where it will always exist.

I lost my uncle this morning. It hurts. My heart is broken. I love him so deeply and miss him so much already. He was too young to go so soon. Yet I know in every fiber of my being that he is everywhere now – I feel him in the air. I feel him all around me, in the fabric of existence, and I know that he has returned to Source Consciousness now. I know he’s no longer in pain, and that everything is always going according to plan.

We must trust. Through it all, we must have faith.

Without faith, we are still being guided and loved – we just aren’t letting ourselves feel it, and then we feel absolutely horrible, and afraid, and anxious and uncomfortable…When in truth, there is nothing to fear. We are eternal.

I know that this was a lot, and I know that some parts of it may not even have been what you wanted to hear – ultimately, I believe this is the truth, and that we must shift our perspective in order to live our lives the way they must be lived in these challenging times.

Definitely remember to wash your hands, but also remember to take care of yourself, to eat healthily, to exercise regularly, to speak to someone who can be there for you, to meditate and make time for yourself to slow down and relax.

There is mass hysteria around the coronavirus, yet it pales in comparison to the other adversities we face every day on this planet…don’t give your power away to any of them.

Remember your eternalness, your divinity, and that you are destined for something great by existing on this planet.

With love and devotion,

Leeor Alexandra

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Thank you for your light, this post was so aligned with my heart. Thank you for sharing and I'm sorry about your uncle 💞


Keep sharing to unenlightened beings😉


Anaa Rodriguezuu
Anaa Rodriguezuu
Mar 12, 2020

Beautiful I like it, thank you 🤗

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