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Living in Alignment & "In the End" EVERY DAY - The Process of Already Being There

Often in life, we validate our current circumstances by making decisions based on our current reality but you HAVE to start thinking from a place of knowing you’ll have this thing you want. For example, I have to plan a trip 6 months in advance right now for my friend’s wedding. Though I am not in a relationship (and don’t want to be) I know and feel that by then, I’ll be ready and in a beautiful relationship, and so I have to think from a place of already being in that relationship. See yourself as that person you want to be in the end, right now and live as if. Choice by choice, decision by decision, choose as if you're already that person.

The feelings you would have then, must be cultivated now. If you persist in your assumption, it will become a fact. Love is a persistence in your assumption. Think from a place of your desired vision – so what is that you want? Is it to be a successful business owner, is it to be married to your soulmate, is it to be traveling the world, is it to launch a start-up, a charity, have a genuine friend group, follow your bliss, meet someone you admire? You have to hold on to that vision and THINK from that vision – think as a person who is living this life, who is attaining this vision and this goal, and constantly make decisions as if it is happening.

See yourself as the winner in your story, not the victim, and act that way – live as if everything is going your way. Seeing reality from a place of love, continuously bringing yourself back to loving awareness. Seeing everything as happening for you, not to you. Become curious about your challenges rather than seeing them as your downfall, or seeing the world as out to get you – see them as puzzles, or side missions that will allow you to level up to your final version. Become very aware and present in your day to day reality, noticing everything that is happening as a reflection of your inner world, and consciously choose what you want to hold on to in your reality and what you’re ready to let go of.

You are a vibrational being, and each subtle change in frequency aligns to a different layer of reality – almost like a parallel timeline. Think of how music, when you really get into it, takes you to a different world. You start to get imaginative, day dream, you access these other realities through the portal that is your imagination. Every subtle infliction of emotion and energy can change the reality that you are in. Tuning yourself up like an instrument is a way to ensure that the majority of the time, you are living in alignment. This happens choice by choice.

It is easiest to start getting into alignment when you’re already feeling good – so whether you’re feeling your best or really need a pick-me-up, making the decision to read this blog is your first step to living a high vibrational life of alignment today!! Congrats :) From here on out, you will be conscious and aware and present throughout every moment of your day, and you will make the better decision for you at that moment.

Now please hear me out – sometimes the decision you make will end up not being the best for you. Maybe you’ll have a box of pizza late at night rather than eating 4 hours before bedtime. Maybe you’ll go back to someone who doesn’t deserve you. Maybe you’ll skip a workout or a study session or a prayer. That doesn’t mean you’re out of alignment – sometimes, we make these decisions in order to snap us right back into alignment, and to get to even HIGHER levels of frequency. Sometimes we have to do things that don’t feel like the best thing for us, in order for us to remember that we don’t want to do those things anymore. It’s all part of the process. NONE of this is linear, in fact, I would characterize the human experience as cyclical.

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