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Easy Ways to Cultivate Divine Feminine Energy

Updated: May 11, 2021

Let’s talk about feminine and masculine energy – as I’ve said before, this has nothing to do with your physical body. We all have both energies within us, and these energies relate to archetypes in the collective unconscious, meaning we have access to both of these and what they come with.

Masculine energy (the sun) is direct, purposeful, assertive, disciplined, logical, competitive, focused, analytical, and very confident. Its divine counterpart is the feminine, the energy that is an intuitive, reflective, patient, trusting, nurturing, supportive, creative, vulnerable, collaborative empathetic. The masculine is the giver and the feminine is the receiver. We are both the givers and the receivers. Not one of us is 100% one of these energies, we are a synergy of both.

The masculine achieves the feminine experiences. We want both of these experiences, not only one, and so in different times of our lives, different aspects of these two general archetypes can be elicited.

You need to cultivate more feminine energy if…

  • You are overworked

  • Stressed

  • Physically and emotionally tired

  • Thinking too much

  • Too competitive

  • Chasing and pursuing

  • Always in go-go-go

  • Working out too much, not eating enough

  • You’re too focused on the future

When a woman carries too much masculine energy, she becomes exhausted. The feminine energy needs to come in and restore and rejuvenate. When we find a healthy balance between these energies, whether that be 70% feminine and 30% masculine or whatever it might be for you, we will experience more joy, more ease, and more flow in our lives.

Now that we know what the issue might be, and that we each have our own prescription of the balance of these energies, how do we bring more feminine energy into your life. It’s actually remarkably simple and fun, we just have to show up for ourselves and actually do these things. Below are a few examples:

  1. Putting away work/business at a specific time of day

  2. Baths - the water is feminine, the subconscious, relaxation

  3. Dancing movement, moving the hips to express emotion

  4. Spending time in nature

  5. Yin yoga/restorative yoga

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