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How YOU can be the Main Character, baby baby

There’s a trend going around right now about becoming the main character. I myself, am a dedicated main character, and I’d like to offer some of my tips on how YOU can become the main character in your life.

Contrary to popular belief the main character life is for everyone – however, there is a story about anything and everything, and if your story is living in the woods in a log cabin and cultivating your own food and quietly shepherding sheep, then boom, you’re a main character. You don’t need to be a hero to be the main character, you don’t need to be the “it girl,” the influencer, the celebrity, the star – anyone can be a main character of their own lives in their own way. Here are the some ways to step into your main character role:

1. Bring the energy back on to YOU

  • Visualize your energy, in whatever way it comes up for you, being pulled back in closer to your body rather than being sucked out from you to other people, to your phone, to everything and everyone else

  • Meditate daily to keep that energy balanced and still within you

  • Spend less time on the phone – every person you watch on Instagram and tiktok, every post you read, you exert some of your own energy and feed to other people. This is important if you have someone you don’t like or an ex or something, stop feeding them energy by looking at their stuff

2. Make time to develop your personality

  • Main characters are quirky, full of life, full of interests and personality. Self-development makes you a main character.

  • What are your hobbies? What are your interests? What do you read, what do you watch, what do you play, what can you cook, where have you been, what have you done, what have you gone through?

3. Speaking of what have you gone through

  • Main characters all go through the hero’s journey, meaning they go on some sort of quest and come back an evolved, matured, experienced version of themselves. In our lives, we can go through our own hero’s journey every time we go through something difficult.

  • To become the main character, start to see your challenges as development arcs. How will your character be improved? What will you learn? What treasures will you bring when you emerge, victorious, on the other side of this challenge? Now THAT is main character energy.

4. Take others off the pedestal you put them on

  • HELLO. YOU’RE the main character. How are you going to put someone else on a pedestal and act as if they are too far from you, too good for you? That’s supporting role character energy baby and I know that’s not you.

  • Be the star of your own show by living a life that surrounds what is good for you – I’m not saying to be selfish, I’m saying to actually start prioritizing yourself because more likely than not, you have been selfless to a fault. We all could use better boundaries with people in our lives.

  • Whoever it is – someone you idolize, or want to date, or want to be friends with, or want to be like…take them off the pedestal you put them on and realize we are all equals. That will make the journey to where they are a lot less difficult, since it’s no longer uphill.

5. Believe in yourself, have unwavering faith that you will make it

  • The main character, like the hero, has everyone rooting for them. Root for yourself, because you are the main character. Believe in yourself. Have faith beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will make it, that you will persevere, that all will be yours and your success is assured.

  • Remember that faith is having loyalty, loyalty beyond any doubts, to an unseen reality – to what is not yet physical. Make it physical, that’s what a main character would do. They persevere.

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