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Keep the Vibe Alive At Home

Self-quarantining, forced retreat, forced vacation...Whatever it is, your ENERGY during this time is vital!

Staying home doesn’t have to be dreary…we don’t have to spend all day long with the news on, getting increasingly fearful and stressed out... It is up to us to return to our inner calm…to create equilibrium within so that we don’t feed the fear and the chaos that is existing and breeding in the air right now. If you’re a Harry Potter nerd like me – think of the panic that is very palpable in the air right now (at least here in LA and definitely on social media) as the dementors…the dark creatures that consume human happiness and create an atmosphere of coldness, darkness, misery and despair. The more fear there is in the air, the stronger these beings can become. What is the way to get rid of them, my lil fellow nerds? To cast a Patronus spell, of course – that beautiful bright, white-light filled animal spirit guide looking spell. And to cast your Patronus, you must think of your happiest memory. I have always believed Harry Potter was channeled, and that the themes that exist in the books and in the movies also exist in our planet, invisible to the naked eye :P Rather than feeding the dementors with our fear and anxiety, we must cultivate our thoughts to bring about our happiest thoughts and memories. That is how we will keep ourselves safe and healthy, and that is how we will not sink into depression when “stuck at home” (aka forced retreat/vacation, as far as I’m concerned.) We must keep the vibe alive, or else we will be consumed by our anxieties. Laughter truly is the best medicine, and in my household, we have been keeping that energy as alive as possible. We dance, we make jokes, we sing, we play instruments, we cook together… Sure, my mom has lost her marbles – she thinks it’s the end of the world, but we keep bringing her back to joy by cracking a joke and spinning her around. This is a serious matter. What is happening out there could be VERY scary. But, my sweets, isn’t life in general quite scary? Since when were we ever CERTAIN about anything? There’s only one thing certain in this life – one day, we all leave our physical bodies. Other than that, nothing is certain. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that before this manic panic, anything was certain…because it wasn’t. And so what do we do? We dance. We celebrate. Because life endures. It will continue to endure. And we are the vessels that hold that life, that contain that magnificence, that spark of something so incredibly special – the human experience. With all that romantic stuff being said, I wanted to make a little list of things you can do while you’re at home. These are things I do, as a certified homebody, and things I want to do, too! Leave me a comment or a message on Instagram or YouTube to let me know what you think of this list and if I should add anything special to it :) *Special note for those working at home and taking care of their families*!! We honor you in this moment. Your resilience and sheer determination to make things work...and the likelihood that you simply do not have another option, and have to just keep it moving. PLEASE remember to make time for yourself, also. I see my mom working so hard to keep home pleasant for us, and I just wish she would slow down and take some time to herself. Please don't forget that you are a human being and matter, too. Things To Do At Home While the World Fixes Itself 1. Put on some music and dance – alone or with your loved one, a pet, a pillow, just get yourself moving and move energy around! 2. Create a pillow fort on the floor, get super comfy, and put on my new guided meditation that is all about moving from fear into love and releasing the anxiety we are all being exposed to at this time: 3. Cook a nice, healthy, warm meal 4. Watch an old Disney movie you used to love as a kid – it’s great for bringing you back to that childhood, innocent mindset! 5. Watch anything that will make you laugh 6. Play board games/phone games like “heads up!” with your family – again, anything that will make you laugh. Laughter makes us stronger! 7. Play with your pets – it releases endorphins and strengthens your immune system! 8. Try out Breathwork for the first time (or 100th, if you’re like me) and get started on your deep healing. Breathwork boosts immunity, helps process emotions, heals emotional pain and trauma, develops and increases awareness, and enriches creativity (amongst so many other benefits!) If you need a great guided breathwork practice, I have one called “Breathe.” Check it out here. 9. Play an instrument – even if you’re not good at it. I have a hand drum here and I have been banging on it, just to move energy around! 10. If you’re with friends or family, get in a circle and have a real conversation. Talk about how you’re feeling. Talk about happy things and how you will live life even better when everything has gone back to normal! 11. If you’re alone, cherish the silence. Be alone. Cherish your “you” time – you don’t owe anyone anything 12. Memorize pi to 1,000 decimal places. It seems meditative to me, LOL. 13. Consider starting a streaming career, LOL – but really. It’s a time when people are craving connection most, and seeing someone living their lives and communicating online might help us feel a little less alone when we are physically distant. Maybe start a TikTok, like the kids are doing ;) 14. Stretch, even for a few minutes 15. Meditate. This is a better time than ever to sit down and drop in for a few minutes. See if you can sit for longer than usual, since you don’t have anywhere to run to. Try out the new meditation I JUST posted right now! Release Fear and Call In Love Guided Meditation 16. Revisit that online course you started, and go deeper into it than before. 17. Organize your living space and make it more enjoyable to spend longer within it. Moving around furniture moves around energy! 18. Write in a journal about how you’re feeling about everything that’s going on, what this has reflected back to you, what you’re grateful for, what you’re excited for 19. Read books! Maybe join our reading club…March’s book is “Wherever You Go, There You Are,” and April’s is “Many Lives, Many Masters”! 20. Learn a new skill on YouTube! 21. Call someone you’ve been meaning to check in on 22. SLEEP! Our bodies need sleep to fight off diseases and keep us as healthy as possible. Nap, as much as you can, this is your time to shine, baby! hehhee 23. Watch Kdrama, hahah I always get asked what my favorites are - these are all on Hulu and Netflix: While You Were Sleeping, Romance is a Bonus Book, Vagabond, Memories of the Alhambra, The Rookie Historian, Crash Landing On You, Find Yourself, My Holo Love~*~*~* Let me know what’s on your list by commenting on my last Instagram post or sending a message! And make sure to take 30 minutes today to relax and let me guide you through a healing meditation…Check that out here: Release Fear and Call In Love Guided Meditation So much love, Leeor

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I have been loving Castlevania and Sailor Moon on Netflix lately! Thanks for sharing your picks! :)

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