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The Manifestation Method I Owe My Life To

The reason why it took me so long to make a video on this manifestation method is that up until a couple of years ago, I was under the impression that EVERYONE did what I’m about to detail to you…that it was a natural thing that most humans did.

After talking to thousands of people about different ways to manifest, I found out that this is, in fact, completely unknown to the masses – and so if this is something you already do, well, I’m sure you have reaped the benefits in your life from it just like I have.

My entire life is a testament to this method. I have used it since childhood, and my life has led me from one increasingly beautiful experience to another. As I’ve grown and changed, I have manifested all and more that I had dreamed of as a child already…and I’m still in the process of manifesting into reality even more of what I used to wish for.

This manifestation technique is simple – I will also explain why it works – I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that doesn’t take things for face value. I need to understand the WHY and HOW behind a technique or anything that I learn. It’s so simple, and yet I owe my life to it.

Every night, as you lay your head down on your pillow, begin to calm the body down and to relax. As your drift off to sleep, visualize the life you desire. The things you want to accomplish, the house you want to live in, the relationship you want to be in, how you want to look and feel, the friends you want to have around you…how you want people to experience you. Anything you can think of. You will feel excited – sometimes, you’ll feel so excited that falling asleep will be difficult. Do this anyway. Night after night, you will learn to fall asleep despite the uplifting emotions, and in fact, because of them.

Those emotions, coupled with your visualization, and the state of consciousness that you are in as you are falling asleep, is THE most powerful manifestation method of all time. Even if you are not a visualizer, you can easily use this method. Simply THINKING about the things that you want, and feeling the emotions, will do exactly the same thing.

Now, most people get stuck at this part. They visualize the things they want, and then get hung up on the “How” and “why.” How will this come to me? Why would this happen for me? You have to train yourself to not let these questions deter you from your visualization while in this state. This is a time for you to have fun and let your imagination go wild – it’s not a time to be limited by your practical human mind. Do this every night. For as long as it feels good to do it. It MUST feel good, that is the other stipulation.

Now, why does this work? Neville Goddard, one of the fathers of modern manifestation, always taught the same thing: get into a meditative state, and then visualize what you desire. Feel the emotion as if you already have that thing. This is the same exact technique – except it’s almost like a hack of it.

As you fall asleep, you enter the hypnagogic brain wave state, you move from alpha, the state of relaxation, into theta, the place where you can still consciously access the subconscious mind. We manifest the majority of our outer reality through the depths of our subconscious mind, and yet we don’t often have access to this creative portal. We gain access to this part of ourselves, to this theta brain wave state, through specific activities: meditation, hypnotherapy, shamanic journeying, daydreaming and getting into a flow state – if you watched the movie Soul, you may have seen that the astral travelers were in the same dimension as the people who were in the flow state. That’s actually very true. It’s all the same realm.

All of these methods lead you to the theta state – the state that is in between wakefulness and sleep. When you are falling asleep, you enter the hypnagogic state, and when you are waking up, you slip out through the hypnopompic state. Both of these states are like the states of dusk and dawn – the states of in-between. It’s when the spirit world is closest to the physical world. It’s when your thoughts and your visualizations are most powerful..and when they can most potently be brought into the physical.

That’s the explanation of it – and if that was too much for you, disregard all of it, I’ve at least planted a powerful seed, and now, you can just manifest your desires as you fall asleep.

Another powerful way of using this is one I’ve taught in this channel for many years – the first thing that you think when you wake up will likely manifest for you. For a long time, I’ve been telling my audience that as you wake up, you should set an intention for the day before you even make a move. Smile and say, “today will be a good day. Today will be full of opportunity.”

This method opened many doors for me in my early 20s, and this explanation is exactly why – when I was in the dusk state, in the theta state, the hypnopompic state, I was programming this intention into my mind while the spirit world was very much still alive within me, while I was not fully in the physical. Is this the first time you’re finding out about this manifestation technique?! I recently revealed it to one of my best friends and she was floored and couldn’t wait to start it, so you’re definitely NOT alone.

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