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02-02-2020 Palindrome Energy Portal OPENS

A rare day with powerful energy! Tap into it NOW and all month long!

Welcome in the first (and likely, but not definitely, the last) palindrome energy portal of our lifetime!

Today (or yesterday, for some of you - but don't worry, it isn't actually too late!) is 02-02-2020, which is the same number backward and forwards, and for ONCE, it is actually the same for the entire world...

Since usually the US differs as we write month/date/year, while the rest of the world operates on date/month/year!

The last palindrome was in 1111, and the next one won't be until 2121!

This portal is one of luck, clarity, and blessings, and luckily, it doesn't end on the third!

February is a month of newness, freshness, and cosmic alignment.

It is a month for things to COME TOGETHER.

Tap into the energy of the 2's of the month, especially on this special day, by allowing your emotions to tell you more about yourself, about others, and about what you want out of life today.

Be more present in your life today and notice subtle differences in your energy and moods around different people and during various tasks.

The answers you've been seeking lie specifically in your moods today...and there are no right or wrong ways to feel - things just are.

This portal and this month will be all about faith - for some, our faith might be tested. For others, our faith might be rewarded.

Regardless of the situation, having enduring faith is the answer to getting the most out of this extremely LUCKY portal of energy.

Draw out the numbers 02-02-2020 today while thinking about all that you wish to receive this month, and infuse that drawing with your love, gratitude, and desires. Keep it somewhere where you can see it each day when you wake up. This is a powerful manifestation technique to tap into the energy of the palindrome portal.

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