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The 3 Worlds of Shamanic Journeying

As we begin to work with our guides and helper spirits, it's helpful to be able to somewhat conceptualize the worlds our divine guidance come from!

Throughout human history, a pattern has emerged from all cultures, philosophies, religions, and traditions: we are not alone.

We are physical beings only temporarily, but our soul continues on infinitely.

Some aspects of certain souls exist on different levels of reality - nonphysical beings, teachers, and guides being some of these souls.

As human, physical beings, we have access to these guides - we each have our own team of light that can guide us, assist us, advise us, and protect us while we roam on this physical plane.

According to Shamanic journeyer and mentor Sandra Ingerman, there are 3 planes of existence in which our helper spirits might dwell.

The existence of different planes of reality and different dimensions coincides with what I have seen in my own plant medicine journeys, way before learning anything from Ingerman or knowing anything about shamanic journeying.

On one journey I took, I visited a fantastic, colorful spirit world.

In this world, I met many benevolent and neutral beings that acted as my teachers.

These teachers, during this specific journey, taught me about the immense power of our words...a power so potent, that some ancient tribes chose to not speak, and instead communicated through symbolism and metaphor rather than casting spells haphazardly.

I saw the importance of everything that we say to one another, to ourselves, and about the world.

We are co-creating this reality, moment by moment, through our speech, our thoughts, and our emotions.

I saw this world, and it felt like it was parallel to this world in which we currently reside.

Through Sandra's teachings, I was able to conceptualize one of these worlds, and I believe I accessed the "Lower World" - or the "Underworld" - which has NOTHING to do with our understanding of "lower vibration" or even "hell." It's just another plane of reality and of existence - it is not evil or negative in ANY way.

In fact, many teachers who were human at one point have one aspect of their souls in the Lower World, where current humans can access them as non-physical, astral teachers.

Other names for these 3 "hidden worlds" include the Celtic people's "The Other World" and the Australian native's "Dream Time worlds."

So now, let's get into the 3 worlds of Shamanic Journeying!

BTW - If you want to take Sandra's shamanic journeying course (which I am currently taking) you can do so right here: Shamanic Journeying with Sandra Ingerman

The 3 Worlds of Shamanic Journeying

The Lower World

In this world, we can come across animals, human teachers, angels, and fairies that want to help us and guide us.

This is the world I visited when I was taught about the immense creative powers of our words. Every word we speak, write, or think creates all has a reaction and it ALL matters. It's all connected.

What you tell yourself, if you do so for long enough, will manifest in the physical human world.

The guides that exist here are our helper spirits - they are happy to assist with manifestations as small as finding a parking spot, and to give advice for huge life decisions.

Middle World

The middle world is basically an overlay of our physical human world.

It is a timeless place, a dimension in which time is no longer, in which we have access to nature.

In this world, the land, sun, and moon can communicate with us.

This is the easiest realm to access and most people have, at one point in their lives, accessed the Middle World.

Many people have come back from entheogenic plant medicine journeys with a loud message from the earth: Mother Earth needs our help. She loves us SO much, and we are abusing her. She will love us regardless and forever, but please, start to treat her right. Please, remember that you are one with the earth - and we are not here just to pillage our way through all our resources.

Mother Earth speaks to us through the middle world, in which many people end up while journeying, and reminds us that we come from her and shall return to her - so we must be better to her and to all her creations.

The Upper World

Most often described as "ethereal," the Upper World is formless, yet somehow, still reminds us of forms of nature.

It is astoundingly beautiful and so very natural. Here, too, we can access our animal spirits, teachers in human form, and especially our ancestors.

The gurus and mystics of the world before have aspects of their souls in the Upper World, and we are able to access their knowledge and guidance forever from this place.

Angels and goddesses also exist in the Upper World.

We can have helper spirits from one world, and teachers from another world - we can have guides from all 3 worlds. That is why we each have a unique team of light.

For example, Goddess Venus has strongly made her presence known as a part of my team. For Sandra Ingerman, Goddess Isis has been with her for 40 years.

Beings from different dimensions have different perspectives and can give us different resources and advice, so having a team with beings from all 3 worlds is spectacular.

There are many ways to access these dimensions - we go into these realms through deep meditation, hypnosis, plant medicines, NDEs, regression therapies, drumming, rattling, fasting, dancing for days, sweat lodges, and so many more methods from around the world...

No matter the way you get there, they all take us to the same places...

The ones that have been talked about for thousands of years, as old as mankind.

Stay tuned for more information on how to ACCESS these worlds as we take on Shamanic Journeying together! :)

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