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Ritual for First Full Moon of 2020

The first full moon of the year (and of this decade) approaches in just a few short days!

Each month, nature gives us the gift of the Full Moon…a sacred time for releasing what is no longer serving us, and of letting go of what we have been clinging on to.

It’s a time for moving on, for forgiveness, and for healing.

As many of us know well by now, the full moon is also a time of heightened emotion – especially for the most sensitive among us!

I used to dread the full moon, because I live in a house of highly sensitive empaths, and when the majority of us were out of touch with our emotions, it wouldn’t be pleasant to be at home.

My brothers and I would fight, my father and my brothers would fight, my mom and I would even get snappy with each other!

Thankfully, over the years, we’ve come to understand the cycles of the moon much better – and one another.

I know that when the full moon comes around, it is imperative that I practice patience.

I think before I speak, and I become much more thoughtful and aware around this time because of that.

If you haven’t been tapping into Grandmother Moon’s incredible power to bring our darkness to the light, to bring out our shadows to play, it’s definitely time to get on board!

You can start super simply – get out your journal and a pen, and write a stream-of-consciousness journal entry about how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking about, and what’s currently going on in your life.

Maybe set aside a small journal that you only write in around the full moon, to make it more intentional and ceremonial.

It’s also interesting to go back and read old entries and see what your state of mind was like on past full moons.

Be open to your mind and allow yourself to write down whatever comes up for you. Simply writing is a form of releasing and healing, and is a great ceremony on its own.

I have various rituals that I perform on the full moon, but I do save that time of month for working with my shadows.

I really like to take advantage of the fact that my shadows are closer to the surface during this cosmic phase, and I go deep and perform shadow work with my own Lightwork Ceremony.

Shadow work – accessing our subconscious mind and healing aspects of ourselves that are “off,” “broken,” or “shattered” - on the full moon is extremely powerful.

Talking to your inner child and seeing how you could heal them is even more effective when our shadows are so close to the surface.

Be good to yourself around the full moon.

Be kind to yourself. Honoring the moon, the sun, the seasons, and nature in itself will bring out a new aspect of yourself…one that is connected to all things, understands our true nature better, and can heal, grow, and improve more easily.

Full Moon - Simple Ritual:

- Dedicate a journal to your full moon writings

- Light a candle to honor Grandmother moon

- Allow yourself to write about whatever is on your mind, whatever you may be thinking and journaling is an excellent way to release and even heal. There's nothing you need to do except allow yourself to be expressive!

My full moon ritual: The Lightwork Ceremony

For a simple release, consider trying my 45-minute breathwork journey, Breathe.

Simply lay back and allow me to guide you in releasing trapped energy, resistant emotions, trauma, and more. Great for letting go of things that have happened that you keep playing in your mind, and releasing painful past memories. Access that here.

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Saan Saan
Saan Saan
Jan 11, 2020

Thank You Leeor💕

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