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Ritual for a Great New Year

Moving into the new year intentionally will make for a more meaningful, wholesome, well-rounded and balanced year.


To get us all on the right foot in this exciting time of new beginnings, I had to come up with a new year ritual to do on the first day/first week of the year...

In this email you will find the ritual AND some self-exploration questions :)

And new habits and ways to improve our lives in the new year can be found in the new video I just posted: 8 Ways to Improve in 2020

Powerful First of the Year Ritual (do this at any time, really!):

- Declutter your space. Clear out clutter, let go of some old things you've been holding on to that you no longer need, both materially and emotionally.

I cleaned out my closet and donated 5 bags full of clothes that no longer fit, that I don't like, or that belonged to someone who is no longer in my life (an old boyfriend or old friend). Empty and make energy for NEW.

I even found an old picture of me and ex that I no longer needed to hold onto. I got rid of it and felt more lightness in my life!

- CLEANSE the space. Now, use intention/sage/palo santo/incense/copal or whatever you have as stated, intention is enough!) to cleanse old energy in your home and within you.

"I ask the Universe and my team of light to assist me in releasing anything that is no longer serving me. Please cleanse and let go of any negative energy, entity, thought forms, patterns, and beliefs - send them to the light, back to Source, to be renewed. Thank you. And so it is."

- Light a candle, anoint yourself with essential oils, light some incense, and journal.

Of course, only journaling is good, too!

Consider the following questions when you journal:

1. What is my current story about myself? 2. What am I constantly repeating and telling people? 3. Is it serving me? 4. What does my self-talk sound like? Is it bringing me up or tearing me down? 5. How will I take better care of myself in the next year? 6. What habits do I want to create? 7. What habits do I want to break and rewire? 8. What will I stop doing this year? 9. What will I continue to do? 10. What new things will I do? 11. What are things I want to learn this year? Lessons and hobbies, skills, etc...anything that comes up! 12. What is one small thing I can this year that will improve my life?

Making a gratitude list instead of this or WITH this is super powerful, too, for our renewal ritual.

- Close the chapter. Once you are done journaling, flip the page. The rest of the year will be ruled by what you just worked on. Blow out your candle, put out the incense.

- An intention/prayer. Perhaps while holding one of your favorite cleansed crystals or your Amulet, set an intention for the year. Mine is simply this: I intend to be happy and healthy, following my bliss and my passion and doing what makes me feel alive.

Thank your guides and angels, your higher self, God, the Universe - whoever you feel most called to speak to, and go on about your day. Refrain from negative self-talk, from gossip, from anything that does not uplift you.

Eat well. Care for yourself. You may have drank last night - it's natural to feel a little deflated after doing so. The rest of the year is going to be INCREDIBLE.

I so hope you enjoyed this - if you did, please let me know with a "thumbs up" on the new video, a comment, or a comment on Instagram!

Sending you SO MUCH LOVE!

Leeor Alexandra

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1 Comment

Deepanki Jain
Deepanki Jain
Jan 02, 2020

I really love your rituals 🥰

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