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Working with Non-Physical Teachers and Guides

Author of Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav encourages​​​​ us to evolve through responsible choice of and with the assistance and guidance of non-physical guides and teachers.

For about two days now, the Goddess Venus has been making herself known to me...reaching out to me in a sense...

Let me explain.

I believe in God. No, forget believe! 


I do not, however, subscribe to the notion that​​​​ God is a white man in the clouds, looking down on us and judging.

​​That was never my belief or view - and while I know it's the way a lot of people experience Godliness, it's just not something I resonate with.

​​Through experiencing slivers of samadhi and something akin to a near-death experience, I have found that God is pure, unconditional love, that exists within us, outside of us, and in every corner of the universe. 

​​My personal view on God is that there is One Universal Mind, a Source, the Primordial Father AND Mother, an All That Is that created everything.​​ The alpha and omega. 

I believe that this Source is expressed through all the realms we often talk about, through all different types of beings and entities, and through each one of us.

ONE such expression of God can be found in our myths - with concepts such as the archetypes and the Roman and Greek Gods. 

These nonphysical energies are simply aspects of God and aspects of humanity and the collective unconscious. They come to us as teachers, guides, and healers. They are here to help us in the Earth School. ​​​ When a deity such as the Roman Goddess Venus comes to us, they are offering to help us to embody characteristics that they represent.

They might be assisting us in bringing about healing in some aspect of our life, pointing out to you what the future will hold, providing you with the resources to get what you desire, or simply aligning to the frequency you've been putting out.

You might be asking, just how did Venus come to you?

She first came to me in a dream two nights ago.​​​​ In the dream, my brother was talking to me about her, almost introducing me to her.

She then guided me (still in the dream) to find a book about her ​... showing me that she wants me to study her.

The next day, the word "Venus" came up in regular conversation TWICE, brought up by the person I was speaking with and not by me.

That same night, I visited the Griffith Observatory. I walked past a room where the Tesla Coil was being admired, ​​​​into a room with a giant pendulum.

The pendulum was magnificent, but what really caught my eye was on the ceiling - Venus, laying in her feminine glory, interacting with the Four Seasons​​.

​​This was the Griffith Observatory's Ballin Ceiling Mural, created in 1934 - something I had never seen before, but which took my breath away. 

We already know not to believe in coincidences.

These, to me, are very obvious communications from an intelligent being.  Lately, I have been immersing myself with the concept of prosperity and abundance - hint hint, new course :D. ​​​​ 

So of course, when I sat down to figure out what to do about this new communication, I was ecstatic to find out that Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, sexuality, abundance, fertility, and finances.

​​​​I was focusing and tapping into a certain energy, and the Goddess found me.

She is also the Goddess of sexual healing, something I consistently work on within myself, so to me this was a sign that I'm in the right direction - my healing is still ongoing and underway.

How do you work with a deity when they come to you?

If you have a meditation altar where you sit to journal and meditate (I have a little box in my room that holds my sage, palo santo, Florida water, essential oils, mala and crystals. In front of it is my meditation pillow. It's my mini altar!) ​​​​​, adding "gifts" or "offerings" to the nonphysical energy that you want to work with is really powerful.

For example, Venus loves roses, pearls, milk, and honey. To honor her, I will get some roses to put on my altar and borrow an old pearl necklace from my mom to place on the altar. 

Studying the symbols of the deity and sitting in meditation with those things on our mind is an easy and effective method of connecting with them.

Throughout your day, you will feel subtle guidance from this energy, assisting you in making wise decisions based on whatever aspect of the world they rule, and you will feel protected from the Divine.

At night, this same energy will work its magic on you, performing healing as you sleep.

Author of Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav encourages​​​​ us to evolve through responsible choice of and with the assistance and guidance of non-physical guides and teachers.

Without this guidance, we are purely physical beings, destined to only learn through physical, and often painful​, challenges.

Working with these teachers makes the Earth School much more enjoyable.

I will update you on my work with Venus...for now, tell me, have you worked with a non-physical teacher before?

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Thank you! ❤️


Gunjan Sharma
Gunjan Sharma
Jan 03, 2020

It's funny how we dont believe in our religion (I m a hindu) and alot of practices come in the form of offering to our gods, but when you look at it from this perspective, all of it makes sense. The sanskrit hymns, the offerings. Will definitely get more information about the reasons behind them now.


Saan Saan
Saan Saan
Jan 03, 2020

Thank you leeor♥️


Taylor Peoples
Taylor Peoples
Jan 02, 2020

I’ve worked a bit with Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi a bit! But never have I taken it as far as offerings on my little altar. I’ll give it a go!

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