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Your Body's Biological Ability to HEAL Itself

This isn't magic - we have a physical capability to self-heal. It has been passed down to us by our ancestors! (Okay, it's a little magical, too.)

Even in today’s age, where there is a yoga class on every corner, and meditation is seen as commonplace, people still don’t truly understand the effects of STRESS on our health.

It was only about 20 years ago that doctors, scientists and researchers finally started to accept the role of stress on our wellbeing – even though many fringe medical practitioners have been trying to draw the public’s attention to the consequences of stress since around the 1930s!

The majority of us don’t think about heart disease – I mean, if you’re reading this, it’s likely that you at least strive to live a healthier life.

You might meditate once in a while, you might enjoy yoga and being out in nature – and all of those things are incredible.

Yet, the leading cause of death in the US is STILL heart disease – which has long been linked to high levels of stress!

Doctors know that sudden emotional stress can trigger cardiac problems, including heart attacks.

And still, we don’t learn how to manage stress. We aren’t taught how to be proactive about it, unless we seek it out ourselves.

We simply don’t give relaxation the credit it deserves.

In this society of HUSTLE HUSTLE HUSTLE, work 16-hour long days, get ahead, get on top – relaxing has been deemed self-indulgent by the majority of people.

Relaxing is almost FROWNED upon!

Lately, I’ve been learning different modalities to trigger self-healing. Deep relaxation has become #1 in those healing modalities, and it became clear to me why our society doesn’t promote it.

Deep relaxation can cure diseases. It can prevent sickness. It can heal and help manage mental illness.

And it costs nothing.

There is no major corporation that would benefit from clinical studies on meditation and relaxation.

It’s not something that people can copyright and mass produce.

It gives the power back to the consumer – it allows us to heal ourselves. No more pills, no more shots, no more doctor’s visits…The power to heal is back in the original healer: the human being.

Now as I’ve been doing this research, something VERY interesting stood out to me.

Most of us know all about the “fight-or-flight” response.

It was identified in the early 1900s, and showed us that we have a physiologic survival instinct – a genetic disposition that has been passed down to us from our ancestors.

When faced with stressful situations – our ancestors faced bears and tigers, while we face deadlines, traffic, difficult work, social anxiety, existentialism, expectations of our peers and family, and more – our bodies release adrenaline and noraderenaline to increase heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, metabolic rate and blood flow to the muscles.

This response geared our ancestors either to fight their opponent or to flee from it.

Now this is the fascinating part – wether we realize that much of our pain and suffering is attributed to the fight-or-flight response or not, we are aware that it definitely exists physically in the body.

The majority of us, however, would be surprised to discover that we have a physiological mechanism that does the exact opposite of what the fight-or-flight response does: we have the ability to heal and rejuvenate our bodies. BY OURSELVES.

Termed the “Relaxation Response” by Dr. Herbert Benson, this biological mechanism has been researched and replicated. It has survived all studies through the scientific method and has been inducible without fail.

Here is a list of disease and disorders that can be “significantly improved or even cured” when deep relaxation techniques are employed:

- Anginga pectoris

- Cardiac arrythmias

- Allergic skin reactions

- Anxiety

- Mild and moderate depression

- Bronchial asthma

- Herpes simplex (cold sores)

- Cough

- Constipation

- Diabetes mellitus

- Duodenal ulcers

- Dizziness

- Fatigue

- Hypertension

- Infertility

- Insomnia

- Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy

- Nervousness

- All forms of pain – backaches, headaches, abdominal pain, muscle pain, joint aches, postoperative pain, neck, arm and leg pain

- Postoperative swelling

- Premenstrual syndrome

- Rheumatoid arthritis

- Side effects of cancer

- Side effects of AIDS

More recent studies show that deep relaxation also reduces anger and frustration and boosts confidence to handle problems.

And guess what? You can elicit the Relaxation Response TODAY. Right now. Right when you finish reading this, you are already equipped with everything you need to start self-healing.

See why the medical industry doesn’t want you to know about this?

Here are the essential components to elicit the Relaxation Response (it turns out that only 2 out of 4 of these are NECESSARY, and the response can be activated through only those two. I will make bold the necessary ones.)

1. A quiet environment – head phones to block out noise could work.

2. A mental device – a sound, word, phrase, or prayed repeated silently or aloud, or a fixed gaze at an object. Examples could be repeating the word “One, “Om,” a mantra, or a religious prayer. You could gaze at the flame of a candle.

3. A passive attitude – not worrying about how “well you’re doing it.” Not worrying puts you in to the passive state. You are doing it right just by doing it. When thoughts come up, simply say, “I will continue” or “oh well” and return to your “mental device.”

4. A comfortable position – lying down is great.

Now, to get to the esotericism! This is completely my opinion on the matter, and as I’ve had some experience in diving into different dimensions, shamanic journeying, and working with the Divine, I see a correlation between “deep relaxation” and energy work.

When you enter the deep relaxation that comes with the components listed above, you enter the theta brain wave state – also known as the hypnagogic state.

I talk about this state often – it’s the state in between worlds. It’s actually the world that shamans enter in order to do their healing work and bring information back to their tribe.

When you are in this state, you are opening up the subconscious mind and allowing it to be undone.

You are releasing things – whether you are conscious of them or not – and coming out of this “trance” state a more healed person.

I believe this is the state in which we are closest to the Divine – the state in which we are most susceptible to divine, spontaneous healing.

Nothing is greater than All That Is, Source Energy power. It is larger than incurable diseases, than disorders, than anything we are going through. It is love and compassion, and it is infinitely healing.

Accessing this energy through theta state tells this energy - I am open and willing to receive healing. And so the healing begins.

Daily practice of this relaxation can be done through meditation, of course, or my new favorite – hypnosis.

If you’d like a hypnosis on releasing limiting beliefs and letting go of mental blocks and resistances, I have recently created one for The School of Prosperity. If you are a student, you get the hypnosis session as part of the curriculum.

However, the session has been showing to be so helpful for my beta testers and for the people in my life, that I wanted to make it available outside of the school for anyone needing relaxation and healing.

You would use the hypnosis while laying comfortably and giving yourself 45 minutes to 1 hour to relax. This could be done before bed, or at any time during the day.

The more you practice the hypnosis, the deeper the healing work will go – just as the more you meditate and relax, the deeper the healing will go.

You’ll be hearing a lot from me about self-healing, as I took my own journey on late last year.

Our bodies are INCREDIBLE machines, and our minds are connected to the Source – mind/body connection is the answer to healing ourselves.

We all are healers. There is nothing to seek out, only to elicit from within our own souls.

You are the healer. You are the point of this whole thing.

Together, we will change the dominant worldview of rest and relaxation as being “self-indulgent” to being absolutely necessary.

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